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Master Vendor

Master Vendor service

Master Vendor service

WOLIP also offers and operates the Master Vendor service for its clients, especially in the field of recruitment. If you are a company that cooperates in the field of recruitment of new employees with several recruitment agencies simultaneously, then Master Vendor service is exactly what will bring you the pleasure of using outsourcing services.

We offer a complete service, from taking over the coordination of communication with other recruitment agencies, through the preselection of recommended candidates, scheduling interviews with candidates from both internal and external sources, participation in interviews, evaluation, to the creation and communication of the final offer to the candidate and subsequent preparation.

Contact us and you will get a reliable partner who will take over the coordination with other suppliers of HR services for you. We will harmonize the process of communication and, for example, preselective methods leading to quality outputs. We will control the invoicing of new hires, we will ensure that all coordinated suppliers receive up-to-date information that is needed within the Hiring activities. We all have a common goal, to find and recruit the right employees, and Master Vendor aims to coordinate, simplify and speed up the process.

However, each project is always specific in a certain way and our purpose is to find the ideal solution for each client.



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