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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Transfer all your recruitment activities to us.
We will take over, set up, implement the recruitment process. We will promote and hire new employees by means of our interim recruiters, all under your company’s name. In the RPO program, we will ensure all recruitment activities, from HR marketing to on-boarding.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a service, where the client/employer transfers all its recruitment activities, including HR marketing and strategy to an external supplier.

The difference between RPO and recruitment agencies lies in the complexity. RPO includes setting up the hiring process strategy, the marketing mix, clarifying the requirements on the new employee with the hiring managers, looking for new employees from A – Z. WOLIP will plan interviews for the candidates and the managers, implement the standard hiring process, for example by means of an assessment centr. WOLIP will negotiate the financial terms and conditions on behalf of the employer, and provide assistance on the employee’s date of hire. WOLIP will help you with setting up the on-boarding process, possibly helping the new employees adapt and a number of other HR activities.  

While a standard recruitment agency only takes over part of the whole recruitment process, without having anything to do with creating the position profile, employer branding and marketing, like an RPO.

When communicating with the client, we observe his needs and wishes, so that they resonate with the applicant’s possibilities and the current situation on the labour market. In the RPO, we become an integral part of the client's company environment, thereby making it possible to create the company’s strategically unified image. We work by means of interim HR specialists. Thanks to this inter-connection and unified aim, we achieve the best results in recruitment activities. We share the innovative solutions that we use in our work with our clients, as if the clients were our partners or colleagues at work.


  • The HR team is short-staffed to work on new projects.
  • You are expecting an increase in production and need to deal with many interviews.
  • The existing HR team lacks competencies or experience in recruitment.
  • You are a small, large or new company and you lack experience.
  • You need to deputy a member of the HR department (long-term illness, maternity leave, etc.).
  • You need to create consistency in HR marketing and PR in relation to the recruitment process.


  • You need to speed up the recruitment process.
  • You need to decrease the number of recruitment agencies.
  • You need to professionalize recruitment.
  • You finally want to create your own database.
  • You want to promote your company’ brand by means of recruitment.

Questions for you:

  • How do you evaluate the existing experience in the area of recruitment?
  • Are you able to react immediately to the operative needs of recruiting new employees?
  • Are you satisfied with the recruitment costs for the past year?

Do I need RPO?

  • How long does it take you to turn your HR specialist into a successful recruitment specialist  or HR marketing specialist?
  • How do your recruitment activities impact your Company’s image or your Employer’s Brand?
  • Do you think that recruitment activities take too long?

If you are asking yourself these questions and you are not always happy with the response, then the answer is to start cooperating with an experienced RPO partner. WOLIP will support and strengthen your existing HR team.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing, as an effective tool for managing HR processes, was established in 2005. By international standards, the average cost savings range from 10-15 %. WOLIP has saved at least 15% on implemented projects.

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