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Our goal is to have satisfied employees, because satisfied employees are the key to the best and most profitable companies. Recruitment or employee hiring is not only about supply and demand. It mainly has to do with what sets you apart from your competition, where you excel, what your company culture and employer branding are. We specialize in providing services in recruiting employees for all positions, for both large and small companies. We will help you hire blue collar workers, specialists and top managers. In our opinion, recruitment is an event that combines personnel work with marketing, psychology, business, strategy and feeling. We will create comfortable conditions for filling vacant job positions. We will not only choose the right candidate but we will help you with the whole recruitment process.

There is a personal story behind every resume.

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Permanent recruitment is the recruitment of full-time employees. These are very talented and highly qualified candidates, who will grow with your company. In order for us to find the most suitable employees for you, we not only have to understand the job description of the position, but we also have to understand the work and social environments, so that the future employee fits in. Why should you let us take over the hiring of full-time employees for you? SAVE TIME – Save a lot of time that you would spend on recruitment activities, like writing and placing ads, replying to specific questions, reading resumes, conducting interviews and last but not least, deciding, which of the candidates will be most suitable for your company. SAVES MONEY AND HUMAN RESOURCES – By doing everything for you, we will save your company a lot of financial and human resources. In addition, among the chaos with candidates, it is easy to forget that it not only has to do with their professional experience but also how well the candidates fit into your company.

We think for you. We first have to understand your company culture and philosophy well and then we can recommend the right full-time candidates. Our goal is to have satisfied employees, because they are the key to a satisfied and profitable company.

Unlike permanent recruitment, contract recruitment focuses on fixed-term workers, who are hired for a specific task / project. Once the task or project is complete, cooperation with these employees is terminated.

We negotiate contracts with freelancers. Cooperation with freelancers is currently widespread, advantageous and very interesting. Freelancers are responsible, skilled and experienced professionals, who have interesting work experience.  There’s no need for concern when it comes to cooperating with freelancers. Given the current low unemployment rate, this sector can be considered another possible source of recruiting potential employees or temporary colleagues.

What are the benefits of working with freelancers? There are many. The most important include cooperation on a project for a limited period of time. Thereby, you don’t have to worry about what to do with these freelancers once the project is over. Hire a freelancer for whatever, from wherever. The purpose of this service is not only to find such cooperation for you but also to negotiate the financial terms and conditions, so that both sides are satisfied. This is where our years of recruitment, purchasing, business, strategy and management experience come into play. 

Executive search, also known as head hunting, is a special method of looking for top managers and specialized professionals. We target experienced candidates, who work in the same or related field in other companies.

This is especially how we search for middle and top managers, who are very rare and in high demand on the labour market. Placing ads on job sites is not enough in the case of an executive search. This requires years of knowledge of the personalities in companies’ top management.

We try to get experienced top managers, who have already achieved the top position and are no longer looking for a position. Therefore, it is necessary to discretely offer them such terms and conditions, which will persuade them. Head hunting requires mapping out the careers of top management and building personal relationships, based on long-term mutual trust. This puts high professional demands on the head hunter and it requires considerable effort and investment. Top management is very keen on exclusivity. If a top manager gets the same offer several days apart, he will not be interested, no matter how great the offer is. Therefore, when it comes to executive searches, we ask our clients for exclusivity because this increases the chances of acquiring an exceptional top manager for your company.

If you’re looking for an experienced and exceptional manager, don’t waste time on the common way of fishing around for employees in middle management waters for average pay. The best thing you can do to fill exceptional positions with exceptional people is to let us deal with it.


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